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The Indian Menopause Society (IMS) is a multidisciplinary national society. It was launched in 1995. It is committed to fostering the comprehensive well-being of the mature & elderly Indian women. The society provides a common forum for medical and other interested health professionals and people from all walks of life to work towards the goals of the society.

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Dr Anju Soni

Dear friends,

I am incredibly humbled and honoured to be taking on the responsibility of the 21st President of the Indian Menopause Society. I am immensely grateful for the steadfast support of my IMS community, which has been my source of strength and inspiration. I consider it a privilege to be able to give back to my community and our patients.

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Information dissemination is what the India Menopause Society believes in. A wide array of articles have been prepared in the interest of the general public and in their own language. What's more? Information is tailor made for General practitioners and Gynecologists for proper understanding.

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Besides sharing valuable information with the general public, thrust on Continuing Medical Education is the key,



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At the crossroads. Down with Menopausal symptoms and anxiety. Are you looking for a qualified Menopause professional near you. Here is a list of Qualified Menopause Professionals in India

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