Awarding IMS Credit Points

Indian Menopause society is 26 yrs old and spread all over India with 46 societies and 3960 members. It is time we had our own credit points.

Committee for this

1.  Founder President

2.  Current President

3.  Current Secretary-General

4.  President-Elect

5.  Chairperson of Education Committee

6.  Chairperson of Research Committee


Various Criteria for the Credit Points are discussed by Dr. Ambuja

½ day CME – 1 Credit Point

Full-Day CME – 2 credit Points

½ Day workshop – 2 Credit Points

Full-Day Workshop – 4 Credit Points

For Attending IMSCON – 10 Credit Points

For attending Any International Conference – 15 Credit Points


Also informed that these credit points will be counted for contesting any post in IMS

e.g. For the Post of Chairperson for any committee 50 Credit Points needed

For becoming a Committee Member 20 Credit Points needed

Apart from the other criteria already framed.


Awarding FIMS Certificates- It is our prestige to have a Fellow of Indian Menopause Society certificate.

Criteria for FIMS

1. All the past Presidents with the payment of Rs. 10,000/-

2. All other members who Pass CIMP Exam have to pay Rs. 10,000/- + 20 IMS Credit points

3. FIMS Certificates are given at the time of Convocation

4. Honorary fellowship for VVIPs like foreign delegates – No Voting rights and no payment

5. The generated amount of money will be deposited as the Corpus fund of the IMS Account.


Committee Formation

1.  Every committee has 1 Chairperson and 4 Committee Members.

2. One member should have only one position (can’t be a member of > 1 Committee at a time)

3.  Every Committee should do a minimum of 4 activities or webinars on related topics.

4. Before doing any activity or webinar, the committee chair should share the topic with the Current President                      and Secretary-General and finalize the same.


Dr Ambuja

President IMS 2021-2022