Indian Menopause Society (IMS ) was initiated by DR. Rama Vaidya.

Work is incomplete ,unless it displays the history and foundation from where it began “IMS HISTORY” is well outlined in the “COFFEE TABLE BOOK.” This book brings to light the initiation of Indian Menopause Society envisiaged by Dr Rama Vaidya, Founder President of IMS. The compilation and printing of the Coffee Table Book was done by Dr Ratnabali Chakravarty and the Executive team.

The Indian Menopause Society under the editorship of Dr Meeta have updated the “CLINICAL PRACTICE GUIDELINES ON MENOPAUSE”(2021) The book guides the practitioner on setting up a Menopause clinic, Quick risk assessment scoring system for diseases, Flow charts and Adult immunisation.

“CLINICAL PRACTICE GUIDELINES ON POSTMENOPAUSAL OSTEOPOROSIS” (2020). The highlights in the CPG on Osteoporosis are the algorithms on management and a quick reference chart about the available medications for Osteoporosis.

Small handbook on Multiple choice questions “1000 MCQ on Menopause” was brought out by Past President IMS, Dr Suvarna Khadilkar and is a part of the IMS books armamentarium.

A magazine for the general public is also the vision of the Indian Menopause Society as a means to spread awareness about Menopausal health. “POISE” is the magazine which displays the current issues in menopausal health and Dr Arti Gupta is presently the editor of this magazine.

The IMS Books Portal is the creative effort of Past President, Dr Meeta and Dr Jyoti Shah. Contribution to the books portal is by Dr Navneet Takkar, past Website Chairperson in the form of Technical support.

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