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The public is, today constantly depending on the internet to find a solution to their and their dear ones’ problems. An authentic rendering of solutions to problems commonly found in the middle aged women by interested menopause practitioners are presented. Here. Posters for display in the clinic, regional language articles which can be downloaded and given to patients are all available for the practitioner. The section, frequently asked questions, seek to answer common doubts that come to women in midlife. Exercises to keep the woman fit are illustrated in the section "exercises".

Exercise Videos

Prerna Season 1 Finale. Episode 16b: Sudden Sharp Low Back Pain: Tips to Manage
Prerna Season 1 Finale. Episode 16a. Motivational Talk: How can I forgive that I can heal
Prerna Episode 15 b: Abdominal Muscle Toning: Secret of Core Stability by Ms. Aarti Prasad
Prerna Episode 15 a: Motivational Talk: Whom To Live For: Yourself or Society
Cervical Cancer - Prevention & Early Detection: Webinar by Club 35+ Public Awareness Committee, IMS
Prescription Of Exercise - Part 1
Prerna Episode 1b: Exercise: Why, Which, How much and More…. by Dr Somya Saxena
Prerna Episode 2a. Motivational Talk: Love - What does it mean by Dr Poonam Bagga
Prerna Episode 2b. Exercise Essentials for Osteoarthritis Knees by Dr Aarti Prasad
PAP Smear
Prerna Episode 3a. Motivational Talk: Pursuit of Positive Mindset by Mrs. Tarveen Kaur
Prerna Episode 3b: Exercises for Lumbar Canal Stenosis and Sciatica Management by Dr Kanika Dhawan
Types of Exercises
Prerna Episode 4a: Motivational Talk by Dr Darshna Thakker on ‘Sweet and Sour Spousal Relationships’
Prerna Episode 4b: Demo of exercises after Knee replacement surgery by Aarti Prasad
Brief Exercises for Arthritis by Ms Rachna Shah
A brief video on Fibroids Uterus for lay persons, prepared by Dr Vidya Sutaone and Dr Shantala Bhole, Nagpur
Important Keys of Life: Ctrl+Alt+Delete
Awareness of Teeth
Prerna Episode 8a. Motivational Talk: Mindful Well-being by Dr Nirali Pandit
Prerna Episode 8b. Kegel's Exercises for Pelvic Floor Strengthening (Part 1) by Dr Komal Shah
Prerna Episode 10a: Do Spiritual & Religious Practices influence Brain & Behaviour by Dr E Mohandas
Fitness Yoga and Meditation