Dr. H. P. Pattanaik (IMS President, 2015)

  • Revered Chief Guest
  • Guest of Honour
  • President IMS 2014 – Dr. Maninder Ahuja
  • Vice President – Dr. Neelam,
  • Secretary General – Dr. Jaideep
  • Secretary – Dr. Sonal
  • Incoming Team
    • VP – Dr. Suvarna Khadilkar
    • Secretary General – Dr. Jignesh Shah
    • Joint Secretary – Dr. M. Mohapatra
  • Organising Chairperson – Dr. Laxmi Maru
  • Organising Secretary – Dr. Anupama Dave

Dignitaries on the Dais, Senior Teachers, Past President of IMS, Committee Chairpersons, Chapter Secretaries, Members & Non Members of IMS, Friends, Ladies & Gentlemen especially sitting in audience my teacher Dr. S. N. Das, Dr. S. K. Mohapatra, Prof. D. K. Pattnaik & Prof. P. C. Mahapatra, Past President FOGSI, Dr. Janmejaya & my family.


My regards to you all

As president of Indian Menopause Society 2015-16 & I stand before with humility to seek your blessings, advice & guidance.

The vibrant organisation Indian Menopause Society was formed in year 1995 with a mission to provide care, cure & comfort to menopausal women of the country with multidisciplinary approach to provide academic excellence among members of IMS and increase awareness among matured women of our country.

Today IMS is an organisation of more than 25oo members, spread across 40 chapters throughout the country.

The three main pillars of our organisation (academic, service & fellowship)

Successive presidents starting from founder president Dr. Rama Vaidya, Dr. Urbashi Jha, Dr. Asha Kapadia, Dr. Behram Anklesaria, Dr. Sonia Mallick, Dr. Sunila Khandelwal, Dr. Atul Munish, Dr. Saroj Srivastave, Dr. Meeta Singh, Dr. Jyoti Unni and Dr. Maninder Ahuja have enriched this academic body with their mission, vision & action.

This year Team 2015 we have envisaged implement all programmes with unified effort with joint responsibility. (Zonal CME, Skill Development Programme)

Skill development all our members is our paramount importance and we are carrying out the programme since 2004 in FOGSI and IMS. This year we would like to conduct the programme in chapters where it has not been conducted. We have taken up Vaginal Hysteroscopy, Urogyanecology. Dr. Vineet Mishra, national coordinator for these workshops. We will add Gyn Encoscopy and oncology workshop in some place this year.

IMS Torrent CME on Perimenopausal Bleeding – 25 CMEs

We are planning to conduct 25 CMEs on Perimenopausal Bleeding and their management with practical tips & tricks to practicing gynaecologists. Initial plan to have 25 CMEs as requested by chapter and may be extend to all chapters.

IMS. Abbot CME on Osteoporosis – prevention …………..

Dr. Jignesh Shah and myself are co-ordinating with our academic partner Abbot to have the CME in a new format 2 module

Public Awareness & Club 35!

Popular programme was started by Dr. Jaideep Malhotra. Dr. Puspa Sethi has promised me to conduct this programme in newer places & chapters.

Aao Gaon Chalen!

Programme started by Dr. Maninder Ahuja will be further extend & strengthen. Ones e every month members of each chapter will visit a village for health checkup of elderly women & give them practical guidance & advice.

Journals & Publications:

Dr. Atul Munshi

Dr. Sonia Mallick

Dr. Sunila Khandelwal

Our three past presidents are actively managing the academic programmes

IMS – Web Telecast Programme

Dr. Duru Shah & me are coordinating with partners to launch web telecast IMS programme once every month. We will come up with details in GCM once finished.

Making chapters stronger:

  • Each Chapter are requested to organise their annual function
  • Raise IMS funds
  • We can incorporated the workshops & CMEs in it.
  • Chapters share of new members will be paid immediately.
  • Invite FOGSI & ICOG & make them members of IMS
  • Induct new members

Coordinating with FOGSI & FOGSI Committees

  • FOGSI parent bodies
  • Many of our members and chairperson of different FOGSI Committee.

Greater coordination needed with FOGSI and committee particularly Midlife Management Committee, Public Awareness Committee, Oncology Committee, Medical Education Committee.

With International Bodies

  • Menopause Society
  • BMS
  • NAMS

Making IMS Strong

  • Stronger national presence
  • Increase membership strength to 10,000
  • Partnership with Govt. on health policies of elderly women.
  • Stress on unified action by office bearers.
  • Better coordination with chapters.

President as 1st servant of IMS

  • Distribution of work among vice president, secretary general, joint secretary, treasurer, joint treasurer, president elect & immediate past president & ex-office bearers.
  • Secretary general as spokes person of IMS & coordinates international bodies.
  • Vice president to strengthen the chapters & membership drive.
  • Joint secretary to coordinate national CMEs & Workshops.
  • Treasurer & joint treasurer to strengthen audit accounting of IMS chapters.


Coordinating with president & executive secretary.

  • President elect to coordinate with committee for better output
  • Immediate past-president & FF programme to co-ordinate with public awareness & rural camp programme
  • Committee chairpersons – Improve standard.
  • Chapter secretary – strong chapter & more members
  • Past presidents – to advise and guide.

IMS Quiz:

Aging ovary

CIMP – Dr. Chellama, Dr. Yasodhara Pradeep

Gratitude & thanks

  • All members of IMS
  • All office bearers of IMS
  • All office bearers & past presidents, past/present & future.
  • My mentors / teachers / friends
  • My family

Menopause – Empower, Enrich & Enlighten.