Dear Friends,


President Elect 2016
Dr. Jaideep Malhotra

Thank you so much for electing me unopposed to this prestigious post of the President of Indian Menopause society.Though IMS is a society which deals with issues of the midlife and elderly, it is still a very young and becoming vibrant organisation, thanks to all the past presidents for their thought and hard work. I don’t know why women dread Menopause so much and why our fraternity is scared in dealing with menopausal issues knowing fully well ,that we cannot get away from it.As the life expectancy is increasing and so are the issues associated with it,so time has come that we address these issues head on and create awareness in our population about the menopause and its long-term implications. We cannot get bogged down by Menopausal symptoms and it is just an inevitable change in our lives, which needs to be understood and the silent killer Osteoporosis needs attention and prevention.

Once we understand, we will be able to face it better and emerge winners and this is the theme of the coming year “Riding high on the waves of menopause” My plans are simple and I hope will be effective as each one has to contribute that little drop in the ocean and the more we educate, the better will be the outcome. Education is not so simple, as whom do we educate,firstly ourselves, then our fraternity and our fraternity goes about our population. Why I say this is, that there are many grey areas as far as menopause management is concerned, there is a great fear in the minds of our practitioners regarding prescribing Hormone therapy and patients are always reluctant to take any medication, especially if they don’t have any urgent problem. So education is the only answer and team 2016 has designed CMEs on Hormone therapy and Prescribing for menopause along with Abnormal Uterine bleeding and Post menopausal osteoporosis as first step.Along with it we would also like to encourage data collection and patient education as our prime duty.

Club 35 plus, a concept put forward by me way back in 2009, today is a household name and our members are hungry for knowledge and look forward to these meetings.But we have not utilised this platform as well as we can, because this platform provides opportunity for mass sensitisation and education not only for medical problems but also address various social,financial,psychological and personalissues all at the same time.

I would urge all chapters to use this platform more and more.Urogenital problems and sexuality is something which again we are shy in dealing with,but I think we have reached a certain level of maturity to address these issues too. We also plan to have zonal conferences with a dedicated theme for each and propose to celebrate international womens’ day, international yoga day ,menopause month and cervical cancer awareness month with some dedicated activities. My plea to all my friends at IMS is to please update and upgrade yourself in menopause management and this will help you and your family, friends and patients too as, menopause is not an ending it is the beginning of just another phase of life though not an easy one.

Looking forward to having a rocking year on the waves of Menopause with all of you.