Dear all at the outset I would like to thank each one of you for supporting me and electing me to this prestigious post of President, IMS, 2017. I come from city of Mumbai, the abode of lord Siddhivinayaka. Taking his blessings, I humbly accept the responsibility of leading this prestigious

organization which deals with caring for menopausal and midlife women. I sincerely thank all of you

for bestowing this honor upon me and deeming me worthy of leading this vibrant organization. IMS is

a multi-disciplinary organization established in 1995 as a charitable trust. Today, the organization has grown much and has 43 chapters and membership strength of over 3000 and still growing.I must say that this honor is not just a medal, but has a symbolic meaning that goes much beyond this because it gives me the opportunity to do what I love to do.

My association with IMS began in 2008 as the secretary of the Mumbai chapter and governing council member. During my tenure, I introduced the concept of menopause week celebration for the first time, from 18th to 25th October, which included three world health days on menopause, osteoporosis and obesity. I was appointed as chairperson of the IMS research committee for two years, during which I conducted programs on research methodology. I was elected secretary general IMS 2013. I learnt a lot from the then president Dr.Jyoti Unni, who’s valuable inputs and guidance helped me release the updated constitution in 2014. There after I worked in several capacities in central office as an ex-officio secretary 2014, Vice president 2015, president elect 2016 and now with all of your blessings, I take over as president for 2017-18.

I owe my progress in IMS to Dr Rama Vaidya, creator of IMS, Dr Atul Munshi who was instrumental in getting me to the office bearers post, Dr. Duru Shah and Rashmi Shah who gave me opportunities to work as Mumbai chapter secretary. I happen to be the 15th president of this society which has been led by illustrious past presidents. They have been continuously raising the bar of quality of work year after year, which makes my task a herculean one!

My team 2017-18, vice president Dr. Jignesh Shah, secretary general Dr. Ambuja Choranar, treasurer Dr. RN Goel, joint treasurer Dr. Mrutyunjay Mahapatra, joint secretary Dr. Parag Biniwale along with immediate past president Dr jaideep malhotra , ex officio-secretary,dr Shobhana Mohandas and President elect Dr. Ratnabali Chakraborti are a very enthusiastic team.

I am sure they will be with me in all the activities. The IMS advisory committee will continue to provide me with constructive advice in our activities this year. We have 12 committees led by efficient chair persons who are diligently working in their respective areas. In my year, 4 new chair persons will be appointed. To keep ourselves in the loop of advances all across the globe, it is important for us to have collaborative efforts with other international societies. We have a very able representation to keep our nations’ flag flying high on the international scene. Let us all appreciate that despite many recent advances that have taken place, in spite of many efforts that have been going on, even today there is much that remains to be done for menopausal and midlife women. Many new ideas need to be conceived and platforms will need to be created for this work.

The theme for this year is “Menopause … creating a new horizon for a new beginning”

“Hope this year makes our views better, Broadens the concepts, Improves the services we cater. Let us build a new horizon, New thoughts to dawn, Over past that is gone.”