Dr Neelam Aggarwal - IMS President - 2019

Message from IMS President 2019

My dear IMS family,

Wishing you a very healthy & prosperous 2019!

First of all I want to thank all of you for entrusting me with the responsibility of the 17th President of Indian Menopause Society (IMS). I feel honored to follow in footsteps of people who have been stalwarts of menopausal medicine. As you know, IMS is a multidisciplinary society catering to needs of women in their mid life years and beyond. The society was launched in 1995 with the goal to promote knowledge and research on all aspects of menopause and create awareness among society. Our visionary past presidents cultivated a legacy of academic perfection & innovation. As a result of their nurturing hard work, this vibrant society has rapidly matured into a young adult of 24 years with 44 chapters and 3348 members; and is also recognized on the international front. Apart from being highly professional, IMS is a closely knit family and has retained this personal flavor over the years.

Team IMS 2019,

I am blessed to have an excellent, committed team consisting of Dr. Ambuja, Vice President; Dr. Seema Sharma, Secretary General; Dr. R.N. Goyal, Treasurer; Dr. Mritunjay Mohapatra, Joint Treasurer & Dr. Reeti Mehra, Joint Secretary. My sincere thanks to all of them for helping and supporting me enthusiastically in all the activities.

Theme for 2019

“A New Beginning to a Healthy Inning”
Inspiring women to feel free & look young beyond mid-life.

The year will be dedicated to promote the health & quality of life in mid-life years & beyond. Our goal is to help women break free from the stifling shackles of their own mindset and social inhibitions. We want to encourage women to embrace the various changes of menopause and look forward to growing younger not just in physical appearance but at the mental and the deepest cellular level. I strongly believe in the concept of compression of morbidity. Sickness, to a large extent, can be prevented or postponed by lifestyle changes so that as long as we are alive, we remain disease free and die only due to old age, not sickness and helplessness in face of disease. This is possible by encouraging awareness and a multi-pronged approach at many fronts – diet, exercise, mental health, disease screening programs, to name a few.

Highlight of Proposed Activities

A- Academic programs & research
B- Bridges with other societies
C- Community service
D- Digital IMS
E- E - education & public awareness
F- Focus at younger age for a healthy roadmap ahead
G- Govt. of India & IMS partnership


My agenda includes strengthening links between IMS & other national organizations for a wider visibility& greater strength. We intend to associate actively with existing societies by pooling limited resources as we all have a common goal of doctor education & patient welfare. We will be collaborating with FOGSI, ISBMR and ISCCP for joint educational programs for the medical fraternity & others. A series of CMEs have been lined up on bone health, healthy aging & cervical cancer prevention & screening.

We plan to digitalize IMS keeping in view the modern era of technology. Already efforts are underway to make IMS paperless. E- education will be promoted via you tube videos, messages on social media, web based conferences to reach larger audiences.Translation of clinical practice materials into local regional languages, interesting success stories of mid-life women, health tips, and introduction of healthy recipes may expand their impact. Also we can sensitize our health systems for needs of mid-life and older women. Efforts are on the way to bring Government of India onboard in supporting our programs & to take them under umbrella of National health programs.

Public awareness will be carried out through IMS club 35 and other social organizations like Prajapita Brahmakumaris, Rotary club, etc will be roped in to promote programs on life style change, weight & stress management. Since many of the geriatric diseases have their origin in the pediatrics, we aim to target school & college populations regarding general health, bone health, importance of healthy weight maintenance, screening for cancer etc under our “ Catch them young” program.

Success of any plan is based on its uptake which in turn depends on the awareness which can be easily achieved with the help of modern e-technology. We plan to use social media for showcasing IMS activities at different platforms and increasing awareness among the society. A multicentric research project on sarcopenia & BMD is also in the pipeline with ICMR.

On the whole we look forward to a memorable year ahead full of activities & reaching our mid- life women in large numbers.

In the end, I once again thank my enthusiastic team & each one of you for reposing faith in me. My special thanks to my founder team - Dr. Nirja Chawla, Dr. Poonam Goel & my 2012-13 President Dr. Meeta Singh with whom I was Secretary General, IMS. Arshia – our Executive Director, deserves a special thanks for her constant help. Last but not the least, my gratitude to my loving and supportive family.

Live life to the fullest.
Long Live IMS.
Believe, Achieve, Succeed…