Message from The President Dr Ambuja Choranur 

SS Presidential address

Dear IMS family,

Individually we achieve and collectively we excel

I am delighted to stand in front of you as the19th President of IMS 

This is a much awaited Great Day in My life as IMSIAN

Some more color to My special day

  • 26 yrs of strong IMS 
  • 75 years of Indian independence celebrating

A warm welcome to all! 

At the outset, let me thank all of you who brought me this honour of being where I am today.

My heartfelt thanks to God Almighty and my parents. 

I say a big thank you to all my predecessor guides. All the past presidents, chairpersons of various committees and all the IMSian friends 

Whole lot of thanks to my husband who is a real pillar of support. I thank my lovely children who always encourage me.

IMS and HEALTH. What is the present day view point?

1948 – WHO Constitution. A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”

In 2009, researchers publishing in The Lancet, defined health as the ability of a body to adapt to new threats and infirmities.

They base this definition on the idea that the past few decades have seen modern science take significant strides in the awareness of diseases by understanding how they work, discovering new ways to slow or stop them and acknowledging that an absence of pathology may not be possible. Health literacy and holistic health care are few of the goals.

The Changing Landscape of Health

Ensure our health care is patient-centric, and that

they are involved in every decision regarding their care   and given every available option of treatment.

Newer options like telemedicine, robotic arms are now available. Effective health care is now within reach.

"If necessity is the mother of invention, desperation is its father."

LOGO and Theme of 2021-  HEALTHCARE LANDSCAPE for 50+

Significance of the theme

Longevity of women is increasing beyond 80 years.

It is time to shift our attention, so that at fifty we should be prepared for another 40 yrs to come.

We have done and are doing a lot for 30s and 40s. It is time to shift to the 50s. Aging is a reality and is inevitable.

People are talking about life span, but we should talk about health span and healthcare landscape.

In this picture changing colours depict changes and challenges  in women’s life.

    From pink of youth to green of fertility passing through orange of perimenopause to rejuvenated lavender of menopause, the colourful journey of the woman is decorative in itself. Lavender is always for peace; so the Lavender (lady) is the colour of the year.

Projects in this 2021-22 tenure

As the President of the prestigious IMS, my road ahead is  ‘Mission Sankalp “

I. Seamless continuity

All the good work started by the past presidents for the betterment of IMS shall be continued as it is.

II. Membership Drive


  1. Setting up of dedicated Menopause clinics in Medical College  Hospitals / Institutes/charity hospitals/NGOs,  giving comprehensive menopause care with interdisciplinary referral services
  • To connect the rural women to menopause clinics with the aim of Medicare to underprivileged and the needy poor,

 educating them regarding menopausal problems, especially non-communicable diseases, psychosexual aspects and dementia

  • Risk assessment prediction – protocols to predict 10 yrs probability of suffering with disease and preventive measures
  • Screening and early detection for NCDs -female cancers, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and Diabetes 
  • Necessary pre-prepared, peer reviewed outpatient cards  with details will be supplied  -idea is to maintain the uniformity throughout India
  • Indian Statistics were published 10 yrs back - so it gives an opportunity to update the values.

For this I thank Alkem pharmaceuticals for taking keen interest in preparing cards, display boards in local languages, patient identity cards, etc.

  1. Once a month public awareness programme- involving Nutritionist, physiotherapist, psychologist, gynaecologist and counsellor.
  2. Adopting a village and conducting health awareness camps once a month in the same village by the same team of health care professionals, so that continuity is maintained and rapport is developed and patients open up about their real problems due to the doctors’ familiarity.
  3. If possible, connect them through telemedicine – whenever advanced Medicare is required. This process is in the pipeline because involvement of Govt and social organizations is necessary.   

IV. IMS Credit points and fellowship certificate

          IMS is 26 yrs old spread all over India and is strong with  46 societies and 3920 members. It is time to have IMS credit points.

          Credit point committee members will consist of  Founder Chairperson of this credit point committee (DrAmbuja),  present President, Secretary General, President elect, Chairperson Education committee and Chairperson Research committee.

          Criteria to get credit points?

          • ½ a day CME - 1 Credit point
          • Full day CME -  2 Credit points
          • Workshop ½ day – 2 Credit points
          • Workshop 1 day – 4 Credit points
          • Anybody attending IMSCON - 10 Credit points
          • Attending any International conference – 15 Credit points

          This is linked as fallows

            • To contest for chairperson of any committee, 50 Credit points should be acquired apart from the requirements for that committee
            • To become a member of any committee - 20 Credit points
          • Certificate of IMSCON to be taken physically by that particular person in the conference itself (not applicable for virtual webinars)



                           All the Past presidents with the payment of Rs10,000/-

                           All other members who pass the CIMP exam should  possess 20 credit points with payment of Rs 10,000/- 

          • Honorary fellowship for VVIPs like foreign delegates- -(No voting right). 
          • FIMS certificates are given during convocation.
          • The above amount will be deposited as the corpus fund of IMS.


          In our medical curriculum, no specific chapter dealing with menopause to UGs exists.  To teach basics of menopause, this programme is framed, so that students will take preventive measures for younger age women to prevent NCDs at later age. 

          Sensitizing courses for IMA general practitioners and paramedics are planned.

          This will create awareness and motivation about the suffering and need of aid for menopausal women. “START WITH YOUR MOTHER”

          Peer reviewed IMS modules are ready for this programme.

          This is aimed to deliver uniform message to the students all over the country regarding basics of Menopause and prevention of preventable diseases.

          VI.  CMEs

              1.Revised menopausal guidelines 2020 by TOTs to all the societies 

                               From Vision to Reality"--- Will be a virtual webinar        Duration --2 hours

                2.Clinical Application of Clinical Practice Guidelines on Menopause 2020--40 minutes (TOT-trained)

                3. Prescription Writing Cases -  50 minutes -- Moderator-(TOT-trained), Panel -4 (TOT-trained)

                4.Audience Interaction---15 minutes

                5.Osteoporosis latest guidelines

          II.Micro and Macronutrients in Menopause

          III. Psycho sexual wellbeing in 50+

          VII. Research oriented lecture series

              Thesis writing 

              Paper presentation                                                      

              Web checking

             Social media communication

          VIII. Zonal Conferences 

          Detect to protect, screening and early detection of cancer quad- virtual workshop 

                                                    North Zone -Amritsar / Raipur

                                                    South -  Madurai

                                                    West – Vadodara

                                                    East – Bhagalpur

          IX. QUIZ

          Visceral fat – an endocrine organ

          X. Academic Newsletter- SAFOMS collaboration 

          Monthly Newsletter by Experts to share:

          • Recent advances in Menopause Hormone Therapy (MHT) Space
          • Clinical Pearls by Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)
          • Interesting Case reports  
          • Multidisciplinary Expert Opinion 
          • Global Perspective – View Point from a Global KOL

          XI. Collaboration Programs with

           UPIA – Uro-gynaecology pelvic floor dysfunction & incontinence association

           Society of Vaginal surgeons of India


          Brahma Kumaris--- Mind, Body Meditation, Yoga

          PCOS society

          With so many dreams and vision, I have taken up this responsibility with pleasure

          I look forward to the wonderful year bubbling with organizational activities that will add glory to IMS.

          I once again thank you all, I have Miles to go before I sleep             

          Karmanye Vadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kada Chana

          Thank you 

          Dr Ambuja Choranur 

          President 2021 - 2022



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